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Charles Darwin, British naturalist, 1809-1882

“When we descend to details, we cannot prove that no one species has changed. That is, we cannot prove that a single species has changed.”

“Geology assuredly does not reveal any finely graded organic chain; and this is perhaps the most obvious and serious objection that can be urged against the theory of evolution.”

“Not one change of species into another is on record. We cannot prove that a single species has been changed into another.”

L. H. Mathews,
in the introduction to Darwin’s Origin of Species

“In accepting evolution as fact, how many biologists pause to reflect that science is built upon theories that have been proved by experiment to be correct, or remember that the theory of animal evolution has never been thus proved?

Sir Authur Keith, famous British evolutionist

“Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it only because the only alternative is special creation – which is unthinkable.”

Sir Ambrose Fleming,
the great scientist

“The close analysis of the ideas connected with the term ‘evolution’ shows them to be insufficient as a philosophic or scientific solution.”

M. P. Schutzenberger

“…We believe that there is a considerable gap in the Neo-Darwinian theory of evolution, and we believe this gap to be of such nature that it cannot be bridged within the conception of Biology.”

Immanuel Kant,
German idealist philosopher, 1724-1804

“In the world we find everywhere clear signs of an order which can only spring from design - an order realized with the greatest wisdom, and in a universe which is indescribably varied in content and in extent infinite.”

John Stuart Mill,
British philosopher and economist, 1806-1873

“The adaptation in Nature afford a large balance of probability in favor of creation by intelligence.”

Jean Paul Sartre,
French writer and philosopher, 1905-1980

“ I do not feel that I am the product of chance, a speck of dust in the universe, but someone who was expected, prepared, prefigured. In short, a king whom only a Creator could put here; the  idea of a creating hand refers to God!”

C. E. M. Joad,
British author, 1891–1953

The Recovery of Belief

“I now believe that the balance of reasoned considerations tells heavily in favor of the religious, even of the Christian view of the world.”

Paul Davies,
a Tennessee-born British financier and Presbyterian layman.


“The universe is seen to be a product of law rather than chance.”

Dr. James Kennedy

Concerning Charles Darwin said:

- If species have descended from other species by fine gradations, why do we not see innumerable transitional forms everywhere? Why is not all nature in confusion instead of the well-defined species as we see them? Geological research does not yield the infinitely many fine gradations between the past and the present species. One might say: ‘Well, whoever wrote that must be very biased and prejudiced against Charles Darwin.’ It was Charles Darwin who wrote this! He went on to say that researchers had not had enough time to collect sufficient species and to examine the fossil record long enough to see if this evidence supported evolution. Today it can be said that one hundred and twenty years have gone by and there is an embarrassment of riches in fossils. In one fossil record formation in Africa alone there are eight hundred billion vertebrate fossils. Paleontologists now have more fossils than they ever will be able to classify.

“In Grimm’s fairy tales, you kiss a frog and in two seconds, it becomes a prince. That is a fairy tale. In evolution, you kiss a frog and in two million years, it becomes a prince.”

Dr. Austin A. Clark,
a leading biologist of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington

“There are no such things as missing links. Missing links are misinterpretations.”


“the transitional forms ought not to consist of species at all, but simply of individual forms shading insensibly into each other like the colors of the spectrum; but this is not the fact.”

of the University of California

In his book Theoretical Genetics:

“Nobody has ever succeeded in producing new species, not to mention the higher categories, in selection of micromutations.”

- He so abandons the possibility of ever slowly forming new species that he is led to what he called his “Hopeful Monster Theory” that says: One day a lizard laid an egg and sat on it and hatched an eagle.

George Gaylord Simpson,
Harvard high priest of evolution

“In spite of the examples, it remains true (as every paleontologist knows) that most new species, genera and families appear in the record suddenly, and are not led up to by known, gradual, completely continuous transitional sequences.”

Harvard scientist

- Completely rejects evolution.

William Bateson,
famous geneticist of Cambridge

“When students of other sciences ask us what is now currently believed about the origin of species, we have no clear answer to give. Faith has given place to agnosticism. Meanwhile, though our faith in evolution stands unshaken, we have no acceptable account of the origin of species.”

Professor David Allbrook,
professor of Anatomy at the Univ. of Western Australia

Said that evolution is:

“A time-honored scientific tenet of faith.”

Dr. Duane Gish

“Evolution is a fairy tale for adults.”

Sir Cecil Wakeley, one of the world’s leading scientists whose credentials are rather impressive:  KBE, CB, LLD, MCD, Doctor of Science, FRCS and past president of the Royal College of Surgeons of Great Brittian.

“There is no evidence, scientific or otherwise, to support the theory of evolution.”

Stanley L. Jaki, The Road of Science and the Ways of God

“No sooner had Karl Marx read the Origin of the Species than he informed Engles and Lassalle about the crucial support it provided ‘for the class struggle in history.’ ”

Dr. Paul Lemoine, an evolutionist

In an article...

"It results from this expose that the theory of evolution is impossible."

He concluded:

"Evolution is a sort of dogma in which the priests no longer believe, but they maintain for their people."

T.H. Morgan, vocal evolutionist

Said in his book Evolution and Adaptation:

"Within the period of human history, we do not know of a single instance of the transformation of one species into may be claimed that the theory of descent is lacking, therefore, in the most essential feature that it needs to place the theory of a scientific basis."

Professor Paul Weiss, of Brown University

"The all too frequent picture of evolution as a progression from amoeba to man is and always has been utterly without foundation."


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